Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Toonz & More In-store for 2018

First and foremost, Happy New Year! We're excited as to what will come for the Treal Toonz this year. 

We ended the year with a Bang!

And started the year getting into out groove and eating Soup Joumou!!

We got new characters that'll be appearing in upcoming projects and so much more.


Bedda Wolfe

Nia O'Hare

Issue 1 of "Uncle Duty: The Stolen Quest" is completely Illustrated and we're looking to release it soon. We're going to be shopping it around to different distributors and book companies in hopes of getting a distribution deal.

In the mean time you can still order your own copy of "Teddy's Big Break" & "Uncle Duty: Rushing into Trouble". 

As well as the art books "The Art of Treal" & "Our BeautiFLEU Lives".

We'll also be releasing a new art book art book highlighting Treal Toonz artwork.

We've got a lot in the works!

So we hope you keep your friends close

And let love lift you high!

So.... Stay tuned to Treal Toonz!!!

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