Monday, January 22, 2018

The Treal Toonz Debut To The Public

The Treal Toonz made their debut this past Saturday in an exhibition showcasing the artwork. From bright paintings, Illustrations, pages from the work in progress comicbooks & more.

Those who came where treated to up close view of the new body of work. In my 8 years of being an artist this exhibit was
really different. The questions from those who can't where different. I didn't feel like your typical artist, I felt more like a creator.

A creator giving the general public a great behind the scenes look of what Treal Toonz was about.

As Visualist took over a portion of the building, The Toonz took the other part.

I watched this little girl go through the characters Illustrations and stop when she got to the female characters smiling and taking her time like she was studying them. I watch
adults look through the comics I'm working on with excitement and had my brain picked by teens on the characters...

I had a grown man spend over 10 mins explaining to me how much joy these characters I've created bring him.

All I heard for the last two
weeks is all I ever hear from people and that's the negativity talk about Tamarind.

Tamarind being considered a "dangerous hood"....

Well  Visualist & I turned a center (Police Athletic League of West Palm Beach) that provides a place for the youth of Tamarind to go into a art museum with our work. Imagine what that does to the mind of these young kids you dismiss when they see what two young black men created. In a world that pushes the narrative that "either you sell crack rock or got a wicked jumpshot".

That for us meant everything.

Seeing the youth embrace the artwork, the books, the bag and having in-depth conversations with them about it is the real win. Inspiring them to do something more... See themselves as more is everything!

It in the end inspired me even more. And reconfirmed for myself that what I'm doing with Treal Toonz is exactly what the universe wants.

The work is still up and we may leave it there for a while so that more youth and people in the community can come through and check them out.


Speaking of youth. Judah is a big Star Wars
fan so to show love we gifted him with the Treal Toonz/Star Wars original watercolor Illustration. It's a blessing to know how much he loves it.


Between working on the "Uncle Duty" comicbook & Illustrating the new Teddy Elephante book... I've been working on these short comic strips for a another book called "Phukin With Agent Rotten ORANGE" where various Treal Toonz characters are "phukin" with the arrogant, narcissistic a-hole, the villainous Agent Rotten Orange.


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