Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Treal Toonz" Arrive During Palm Beach Art Week with An Exhibition

During Palm Beach Art Week join us as Haitian American Artist & Author Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant debuts original artwork of the "Treal Toonz" presented by Exhibit Treal.

An percentage of sales of original artwork will be donated to the Police Athletic League of West Palm Beach.

There is a $5 suggested donation that will go towards PAL's youth program.

$5 Raffle for an original signed Illustration as well.

What are Treal Toonz?
"The Treal Toonz are an assortment of characters I've created based on family,
friends and myself that I use to tell various stories in my books and comics are as the subjects in my paintings. A fun way for me to stretch my imagination and remain completely original. I few them moreso as actors, like how with The Looney Tunes.

One minute they where doing goofy skits, the next on the big screen playing basketball with Michael Jordan, the
next solving mysteries and so on and so forth. The Treal Toonz allow me that creative freedom to express whatever it is I'd like without needing others to comprehend the "How".

January 12th will not only mark the 8th
anniversary of the earthquakes in Haiti but my 8th year as an artist. Being that it
was that that helped me to find my gift as an artist So this almost acts as a celebration of that. A great way for me to start a new year with a completely new and refreshing body of artwork. Much different from all my previous styles but you see how we arrive to this point.

Something to note is that even with this style I still pay homage to Haiti. Teddy Elephante & BeBe Treal are the two main Treal Toonz characters. Both are not only interpretations of myself one being an

elephant and the other a bear, but they represent my Haitian roots.

Teddy wears not only a blue and red cap but a very prominent medallion similar to mines that is the
Haitian flag. And BeBe has Blue fur and wears red again to symbolize Haiti" - JAFLEU

DATE: Saturday, Jan 20th
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Location: PAL: Police Athletic League of West Palm Beach
720 N Tamarind Ave
West Palm Beach, Fl 33401

Inquiries email:

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