Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Guest Speaker FLEU: Taiking Ways To Make Money From Art

Today I was the guest speaker in Visualist's art class at the Police Athletic League. Next week the teens are going to be painting backpacks with their own design. A project I'm excited to be apart of with them.

The idea was sparked in Visualist because
of the backpacks I've been selling. So today outside of giving them my art origin story and what have you. I explained to them how they can look at art beyond just paintings on the wall.

Explaining how by creating backpacks and painting on other objects there was good money to be mad using their creativity with books and much more.

I got honored by one of the students who drew me a picture.

I initiated a challenge to them that the two Treal Toonz painting.
artists with the best designs would get a drawing by me and the best backpack would be getting something special. What they don't know is that something special will be an original

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