Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nite Out At The Norton

Came out to The Norton Museum's "Art after Dark" to checkout the new "Basquiat: Drawing into Painting" & "Yasuo Kuniyoshi's Rotting on the Shore/Nessel" exhibition while getting some quality time with my favorite painting here "Christ in the Garden of Olives" by Paul Gaugin.

   "African Woman" circa 1937-1938Beulah Ecton Woodard
My favorite piece here. "Gamin" by our very own Augusta Savage

I always find myself sitting in front of Paul Gaugin's "Christ in the Garden of Olives"... Mrs. Cathy knows to find me here. I've always like this story where Christ has a moment where he's considering not going through with his "journey" but changes his mind. It makes
me think that often times in life when we come to the crossroads we fail to realize things are already in motion. So we gotta "Stay Woke" cuz niggas creepin. Life is creepin.

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