Monday, February 26, 2018

Painting Treal Toonz at The Street Painting Festival

The past weekend saw another installment of the annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. I've been going and observing for years. Last year I had the opportunity to curate artists for Exhibit Treal to
do it. While this year I did the same, this year I myself decided to finally participate.

Just a Black Bear painting an elephant

So what I did was create a piece featuring Teddy Elephante and invited people to add on to the piece Young and Old.

I took advantage of where I was position by bringing my Treal Toonz artwork & books for the masses to view. The reactions to Teddy & the Toonz was overwhelmingly great.

There were times where parents would be sitting on the curb reading the books to their youngest and their other children painted.

I found myself explaining Teddy & more to kids and adults and I literally was feeling like Jim Henson or Dr. Suess or something... But the Treal version.

Peep the Visualist at work!

On Day 2, I brought a
couple Treal Toonz paintings and did my #PayItForwardArt move that IveI been doing since 2013. Where I would hide paintings with messages around.

It was amazing to see who ended up finding them as they would message me.

When you stumble on a kid in the crowd who found one of your pieces #payitforwardart #trealtoonz

When you watch kids find a piece, read the message, look around unsure, take pictures of it and put it back lol
#payitforwardart #trealtoonz

Finders Keepers 

It was a great weekend.

My favorite pieces was that that showed why representation matters. Yup The Black Panther took over!!!

My body is sore but worth it!

Stay Treal!!

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