Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Teens Art Exhibit Was Treal

Last night was the opening of the Milagro Center Teens art exhibit at Cornell Art Museum. And man it amazing.

Visualist & myself have had the honor of joining the art teaching/mentoring crew at the Teen Center. All everyone has been prepping for this exhibit. I think since round October of last year.

So due to my collaboration with the teens I can officially say while alive I've exhibited art in a Museum. Choosing to do the "Black Icons" concept with them was very important to me. It open a lot of dialogue with them about being black in America. It was extremely important that we did the #CoreyJones piece because of what he did/meant to the community.

Im very very proud of everyone. It was beautiful seeing this young black and brown kids from around the way neighborhood become living art museum artist.

When we were first gearing up and through most of the process they were as teenagers arr.. lukewarm to this idea. After last night they couldn't stop talking my ear off about being excited to do more.

What a beautiful way to start Black History Month.

The "Time in Retrospect" exhibit runs til Feb 28

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