Friday, February 16, 2018

Treal Toonz x Performance @ Black History Month & New Illustration

Last night I was given the opportunity to display my Treal Toonz artwork as well as perform at the city of Riviera Beach''s monthly concert series "Black History Month Celebration".

It was held at Riviera Beach City Hall. And frankly last night was dope. The more the Treal Toonz are exposed to people the more love and inspired I get.

Here's a few shots and video recap as well as my performance.

Recap Video

JaFLEU Performing

New Toon

ShãNetté Danyell status about her daughter's statement after seeing The Black Panther really hit me and with her permission I turned it into a Treal Toonz Illustration because her words were
that Treal to me.

"If we lived in Wakanda, we wouldn't have to worry about school shootings" - Kailah

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