Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Showing the Ladies love and more Treal Toonz

Hi my loves... It's time some Treal Toonz! There's something I heard Marlon Wayans say on The Breakfast Club yesterday that has stayed with me. He said "I'm leaving behind smiles, that's my legacy.".

That hit... And that's what I want to do.

So here's a collection of one offs and exerts...

With that said... Here's some new... "TREAL TOONZ!!!"


Happy Women's Month from the ladies of Treal Toonz

Right to Left: Owliva Knight, Amandala Panda, Miss Feathers, Rhyanna, Nia O'Hare, Gazella Plainz, Kristina Koalis, Leona Pryde Roarz

The Best Me:

"I'll climb up high, take a few selfies in the trees. Gotta live my best life, to become the best me!" - Kristina Koalis

"The world is too small to gossip but big enough to get lost in our dreams. And knowledge of self helps to make a better me!" - Kristina Koalis
Philly T Newram
Sometimes you just got to sneak in some rest while on the grind.
Uncle Duty

BeBe thinks ... "This Uncle Duty thing is a breeze. The Cubs are just so entertained easily."

Meanwhile Symba keeps an on eye on the route to escape... and Booger can't wait.. on his countdown he shouts "8!" 

BeBe couldn't forsee what was about to take place... Just when he thought, today will be a piece of cake... 

The Elephant in the Room

"Sometimes I just sit back and I think. In my creative armor, sometimes I feel that there's too many exposed chinks. But I won't let the block defeat me, or push me to the brink. 10mins I breathe.. no they don't leave. But with each breath my troubles tend to shrink. So sometimes I just sit back... And i just think." - Teddy Elephante

"I take... 5 to 10 minutes to breathe. And soak in the energy from the Sun's beams. I'll raise up the power that's kept buried beneath. So I can push past whats beyond my reach. Taking in the beauty, exhaling the pain. 'Open your soul, and The Most High will enrich your name!'... This is what I need in order to elevate. I take... 5 to 10 minutes to meditate." - Teddy Elephanté

"They say where I'm from it's foolish to have dreams. But I can't deny what the universe has gifted me.  And this paintbrush seems to be the master key. To unlock the glory within my destiny. So let's just see, I solemnly swear to be... The very definition of artistry!" - Teddy Elephanté

The whole world is extra... All I need is you. All I need is your vibe... Late nights to daylights. All smiles and no fights. We dance... Dance... Into a trance.. hypnotized on site... at first sight... So if this goes right... The whole world is extra... All I need is you in my life" - Teddy Elephante

Teddy has Squad Goals

King Speak

"Most want the throne, unaware it can be a bore.  Ruling the land can be such a chore. Keep your intentions good and heart pure. Most crave crowns but not ready for the roar" - Leon Palm-Strong

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