Monday, April 30, 2018

Making of "That One Time Upon A Drum" Illustrations

I spent a good chunk of April preparing the next Treal Toonz release. "That One Time Upon A Drum" is a retelling of the Cinderella story. But using my Treal Toonz characters and give the story a different spin.

There's 24 watercolor markers painted pages.

The process of drawing, inking and the color is always daunting but worth it. I taught myself more about the principals of animation: movement, expression and such and tried to really showcase it to give the characters life!

"That One Time Upon A Drum" will be released in May. And you'll be able to see the original work at my upcoming Treal Toonz exhibit "Previously On..."

Friday, April 20, 2018

New Treal Toonz Book & Upcoming Exhibit

It's that time again for new Treal Toonz!!
And to go along with the latest release is an announcement.

But 1st....

New Treal Toonz Book:


Kristina Koalis takes you through her process to be the best version of herself in life. Be it through meditation, quality time with friends and more. All to show the importance of loving oneself.

Available To Order Now

New Exhibit:

This month of July, "Previously On..." An art exhibition of new Treal Toonz paintknhs, Illustrations and more will be held at Harold's Coffee Lounge. The date for the opening reception is TBA. So make plans this summer to visit!

Looking for Illustrations for Your Book?

To commission me to Illustrate the pages of your next book contact me at

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

NFL Champion Gets Treal, Toonz Coming to SIP & More

Many a things have been going on! It's an exciting time as we get to enter the summer.

One such thing is NFL Superbowl Champion Jacoby Brisset is now officially an owner of an orginal Illustration of himself after purchasing his new condo via my brother EPG The Realtor.

Treal Toonz at Summer In Paradise!

And keeping the blessings rolling, I was selected as one of the artists that will be taking part in the city of West Palm Beaches "Summer in Paradise Fairytale Village".

Last year I was honored to do the project last when the theme was Aesop Fables. Of which I did "The Grasshopper and the Ants".

This year Habitat for Humanity will be supplying Playhouses that we will be create our chosen fairytales/fables on.

This turns out great because Anansi and the Turtle was a option and since my book "Anansi: Dining with Turtle" is based on the fable that is the art I'll be doing. And I'm paired with The United Way of the Palm Beach County as the chairty this year.

Since I've been messing with Sculpting lately I intend to add some of Anansi and Turtle to my piece.

Order Your copy here.

Speaking of Sculpting.....

New Teddy piece coming soon!

Also due to release in May "That One Time Upon A Drum" my retelling of Cinderella is coming along well. I'll drop a separate post about it soon!

Also shipped some 11x14 signed posters for those who purchase Treal Toonz Books and send proof of purchase to

Dont forget to get your Treal Toonz merchandise!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Treal Toonz at Steppin Out TV Media Empowerment Brunch

Sunday I had the pleasure of showcasing my Treal Toonz art work and books at the Steppin Out TV Media Empowerment Brunch. It was held at The Hard Rock Cafe in Miami.

I had a great time, the vibe was amazing. Host Ardith Valencia created an incredible event!

I made a lot of great connections, and plenty of opportunities came rolling in.

Fellow artist Boho Diva reading Teddy's Big Break

I even got to kick it and bless Miami Garden's Vice Mayor Erhabo Ighodaro, Ph.D and am really looking forward to working with him with getting Treal Toonz to the people.

 The big homie Mecca aka Grimo showed love 🇭🇹


The Panel discussion was certified TREAL!!!

And you know I couldn't not bless the wonderful experience back with some pieces.

Don't forget to checkout the Treal Toonz Children's Books

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Treal Toonz Children's Book: "Anansi: Dining with Turtle"

Anansi: Dining with Turtle

"Anansi: Dining with Turtle"

Anansi is a trickster bout when he and Turtle have dinner. He learns the valuable lesson that "What goes around, comes back around"!




Order HERE

First 10 to Order a copy will receive a signed 11x14 print of "Anansi: Dining with Turtle" with proof of purchase by emailing


Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Tomorrow the beginning of something special. New Treal Toonz Children's Books dropping monthly on our blurb page. Starting with "Anansi: Dining with Turtle".

Anansi: Dining with Turtle


Anansi is a trickster bout when he and Turtle have dinner. He learns the valuable listen that "What goes around, comes back around"!

Of course we've got the O.G. Treal Toonz books available "Teddy's Big Break" & "Uncle Duty: Rushing into Trouble".

Many of the projects you've been seeing are ready to rock.

We've got Treal Tales to Tell!!!

The first 10 orders of "Anansi: Dining with Turtle" will receive with proof of purchase this signed 11x14 poster Print.

Our next release is "Thee Ways to Thee Best Me!" Will be on 4/20.

And in May our current work in progress "That One Time Upon A Drum", a reimagining of the classic Cinderella fairytale.

Don't forget to checkout and get yourself some Treal Toonz merchandise!!!

Be Safe
Remember to Chill
& Stay Treal!