Friday, April 20, 2018

New Treal Toonz Book & Upcoming Exhibit

It's that time again for new Treal Toonz!!
And to go along with the latest release is an announcement.

But 1st....

New Treal Toonz Book:


Kristina Koalis takes you through her process to be the best version of herself in life. Be it through meditation, quality time with friends and more. All to show the importance of loving oneself.

Available To Order Now

New Exhibit:

This month of July, "Previously On..." An art exhibition of new Treal Toonz paintknhs, Illustrations and more will be held at Harold's Coffee Lounge. The date for the opening reception is TBA. So make plans this summer to visit!

Looking for Illustrations for Your Book?

To commission me to Illustrate the pages of your next book contact me at

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