Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Commissions: XXXTENTACION, Mother's Day & More

In between prepping for shows and what not you know I do commissions. My last 3 were pretty dope If you ask me. One of which included a huge suprise twist.

That particular one would be the commission that was for XXXtentacion.

Now when one of my collectors reached out to me to do one I didn't think much outside of the fact I was honored she'd contact me. After seeing a commission I did for her and really liking it. I was ask to do a painting of XXXTENTACION.

Again I'm thinking to deep outside of maybe the person is a fan of him. And just wanting to do a dope job.

Well it turn out the person the painting was commissioned for was none other than recording artist XXXTENTACION himself!!!

What a twist and honor!!!!!

Another honor was doing this commission family portrait for a client's mother of her children.

I had to take 5 separate photos and merge them all togethe to feel like one whole while capturing all the personalities.

I was pretty happy with how it turned it.

Next was a watercolor Illustration for a client whos friend had past. I wanted to try my best to honor that and give it life.

For your looking to have some commission work done contact me

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