Monday, July 2, 2018

More Than Cartoons, The Trealness Has Arrived!

As of July 1st, Haitian American cartoonist Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant has debuted his lastest body of work "Previously On..." Treal Toonz Art Exhibition.

This exhibit showcases the growth in the selft-taught artist work. Displaying vibrant watercolor illustrations, acrylic paiintngs books and sculptures of his characters, social commentary & more.

"I've always crafted my solo exhibits to be like visual albums. Right down to what painting is where and why etc. This is the order I arranged this exhibit/album.

"Previously On..." Treal Toonz Art Exhibit

1. 143
2. Heaven, Have Mercy
3. This is America...
4. Find Balance
5. Soup Jomou
6. Caught Slippin'
7. C'est La Vie
8. Bonjour
9. Ancestor's Ode
10. Somewhere In Between
11. Juneteenth
12. Exhale, My Love

1. This is America
2. The Pounce
3. Sunday Vibes
4. Juneteenth
5. The Black Panther Party
6. The Plight of Unarmed Black Males
7. Treal Squad
8.Panel 1
9. Panel 2
10. Clouds Never Get Old
11. The Ladies
12. Will She, Won't She
13. Hov
14. Say Cheese!

While you can today go visit the exhibition at Harold's Coffee Lounge. The "Meet the Artist" Opening Reception will be this Thursday, from 7:30p -10p during the Livin The Rhythm Drum Circle.

Be sure to visit and purchase the work. Three of which the proceeds of the sales will go to WATCHKIDZ.

Harold's Coffee Lounge
509 Northwood Rd
West Palm Beach
FL, 33409

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