Sunday, July 8, 2018

Tune Into Treal Toonz Art Exhibit This Summer

What happens when Haitian- American cartoonist let's his creative explode? You got one of the most colorful, joy filled and introspective art exhibitions to hit town. 

Last week was the official opening to the long await new JaFLEU art exhibit
"Previously On..." A collection of new original acrylic, waterwater paintings, sculptures and more based on his own characters.
The self-taught artist, who has been paving his own way in the realm
of art since being inspired by the tragic earthquakes in Haiti 8 years ago. Has reached again a new level. 

Embracing his cartoonist nature, he uses the art to
turn his family and friends into light hearted characters, address social issues and much more.

Always aiming to use his art to give back. There are three particular works that 100% of the sales will go to the nonprofit Watch Kidz. 

Be sure to visit Harold's Coffee Lounge and see the exhibition running all month long. 

Read The SFLTIMES Online Article

509 Northwood Rd
West Palm Beach
FL, 33409

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