Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Paintings & News

Two new Paintings from Treal Toonz creator, JaFLEU. And exciting news on the way!

First I wanted to post two new works.

A commissioned Portrait:

And "Moment to Myself"

18x24 Acrylic On Canvas
Available Here

This morning I had an amazing meeting with The Cornell Museum. I'm not sure what I can say now other than there's some more dates to be added to the Certified Treal II Art Tour soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Simone Biles & Serena Williams Flex Black Girl Magic in #TrealToonz

I guess today's Treal Toonz could be considered all about Black Girl Magic to say the least.

Simone Biles Can't Be Stopped

A few weeks ago she won all the medals at the US Gymnastics Championship.

And after being hated on for wearing a Black Panther inspired catsuit, of which she rocked to inspire women who had children to get back out there. Serena took it as no prob and came out to win her match at US Open in a black tutu.

How about that for some trealness.

Posters Available

Monday, August 27, 2018

New Treal TOONZ: Tekashi Gets Ludacris, Jeremih Gets The Boots, Gillum Needs Your Votes x More

It's Monday! And Here's some Treal TOONZ
to make the beginning of your work week a little lighter and joyful.

Tekashi69 Gets Ludacris!

Some of you may be familiar with the New York rainbow haired "gangster" rapper Tekashi69. The self-proclaim "King of NY" has been known for his trolling more than his music.

Well during an appearance on Wildin Out, Ludacris was asked who he'd sign first Nick Cannon or 69. Ludacris opting Cannon saying he didn't know if 69 would even be around long.

This ruffled the rainbows feathers. Sending him on full troll mode, refeeinre to Ludacris as "Washed Up". But does it look like Ludacris is remotely bothered?

Teyana Taylor Gives Jeremih The Boot!

You never want to take a lost on home court, but shit happens? What iveI never seen happen is someone get kicked off their own tour by one of the other acts. Jeremih was headlining the "Later The Night" tour. But after soom clashes with the high energy Teyana Taylor... Well...let's just say Jeremih said "Keep that same energy" and Taylor obliged.

Vote for Andrew Gillum for Governor of FL!!!

TOMORROW is voting day! And while I cannot tell you what to do, I can say that the Treal TOONZ support Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum as he runs for the Governor's office.

Together we can make it happen!!!!

If Justice Could Only See....

Two weeks ago, I participated and won the Miami Rising Climate Jobs Justice Art Competition. In it I created the painting "If Justice Could Only See...". Because we only had a limited time I didn't get to fully flesh the piece out .so I created a more in depth cartoon about it. Let me know what you think.

All Posters of The Cartoons Available Here

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The Weekend Doubles Up On Trealness

The Certified Treal II Art Tour is in full motion. Over the weekend, the doubled up on Saturday.

Being with the Treal TOONZ being at The US Cannabis Conference and Expo. The 2 day event held at the Hyatt in Miami, it featured an incredible amount of information, products and more centered around the industry.

With all the dopeness around, the Trealness was at the Canna Headhunters Booth. 

Community Pop Up

But also happening Saturday was the Community Pop Up. We're JaFLEU was booked to live paint. Creating a new masterpiece before eyes while exhibiting his latest works in paintings and posters. 

Ganja Burns

The Tour doesn't here for the dates.

To Book JaFLEU email

Friday, August 24, 2018

Certified Trealness at Dice Nextworking Mixer #M4MM

Last night was the Dice Nextworking Mixer  x Minorities For Medical Marijuana "Diversity In Cannabis Experience".

It was held at the Beautiful "NYSW Jazz Lounge". Treal Toonz created JaFLEU had his various works setup as the beginning of the Certified Treal I I Art Tour.

And not only was he setup, but when Art Prevails came to setup the open mic, live band and feature. JaFLEU also took to the mic performing "Young, Gifted & Black".

The next date on the tour is Saturday.
Stay in the know here!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Catch Treal Toonz: #CertifiedTrealII #ArtTour New Dates Added

#CertifiedTrealII #ArtTour starts today!

Catch #TrealToonz Dates:


08/23 Dice Nextworking Mixer #M4MM -

08/25 Community Pop-Up @ The Bomshell Boutique - West Palm Beach, Fl

09/08 - Miami Rising for Climate Jobs and Justice - Miami, Fl

09/09 Treal Toonz At KAN DOU CON! - Miami,  Fl

09/ 14- 16 The 86 Annual Highlander Homecoming/?ti=cl Highlander Center Homecoming - New Market, Tenn.

09/23 Beating Arts Open Mic Variety Show

09/28 Le Chapeau Project Shitholes, The Exhibit - Philadelphia, PA

09/29 Pull Up Miami - Fort Lauderdale, FL

10/12 Creations Pop Up Market - Harold's Coffee Lounge WPB, FL

10/14 Tropical Cooler Fest "Carnival Edition" Live Art - Rivera Beach, FL

10/27 Lost With Aset's Pushas Kings Road Edition - Jacksonville, FL Studio Zsa Zsa Lapree

11/10-11 Old School Square Cornell Art Museum's Art Fair Featured Live Artst - Delray Beach, FL
More TBA

More TBA.