Monday, August 13, 2018

Cartoonist New "KoloRED Girls" Series Highlights The Beauty Of Black Women

With his newest series of paintings entitled "KoloRED Girls", Cartoonist JaFLEU aims to highlight the beauty of Black Women. But not just any, opting to intentionally paint colorful portraits of women he personally knows in tribute.

"Put some colored girls in the MoMa" a line
Jay-Z spat has been stuck in the artist head for years. Where the rapper speaks of adding more images of diverst women in The Museum of Modern Art.  Now feeling he grasps why.

"It of been eadeto just go and paint black women who are celebrities like Beyonce and so on. But the personal aspect means more. Because this allows me to honor people that mean a lot to me and in turn shows them how I see them."

The series is on going and posters will be released soon. And some of the original artwork is available for sale here.

Commission/ Book JaFLEU to live paint info :

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