Monday, August 20, 2018

JaFLEU Rises At Miami Art Competition Addressing "Climate, Jobs & Justice"

350 South Florida put together a Art Competition called "Miami Rising For Climate, Jobs and Justice". It was held at Naomi's Garden Lounge & Restaurant hosted by poet, artist, activist Dita Devi.

Several visual artist's took to canvas to create a piece that interpreted "Climate, Justice & Jobs"

I was nervous about competing, plotting my idea on the ride down of what to paint. Only to get a bit more nervous upon hearing one of the judges was legendary Haitian artist Jude Papaloko. Someone who I've admire low-key for years. As well as Artist, activist and editor and chief of "Two-Spirit Times", Houston Cypress.

The winner would receive a cash prize, and the artists works would be on display during the "Miami Rising/ People's Climate Movement" concert on Sept 8th, The National Day of Action at Bayfront Park.

I've only participate in a "art battle" only
once before, years ago and that got rained out. So yeah butterflies flew. But as Pusha T says, I believe in the luxury of time. Meaning I believe in my skills artistically. So I just put in my headphones and went to work.

There was a poetry slam competition and while I didn't compete in that, I did get the opportunity to touch the stage and perfrom.

And when the moment of Truth occurred...

You gotta believe I was completely stun to hear that I was the winner amongst all the amazing works.

The conversation with Papaloko & Cypress as to way they gravitated to my piece left me humbled and inspired.

I titled it "If Justice Could Only See..."

In it I had Lady Justice blindfold slip and she could see all the people of color and how the world was being ruined. I feel like our governments by choice are blind to our struggles and need to truly see.

I'm working of an Illustration of it to really flesh it out.

This was an honor and I had a truly Treal time!

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