Thursday, August 16, 2018

Spike Lee Takes On The Klan & Nicki Exacts Revenge in Treal Toonz

It's a good day for some Treal Toonz! So here's some new ones for you all to enjoy.

BlacKKKlansman In Theaters Now

Spike Lee's latest film "BlacKKKlansman" is playing now and receiving rave reviews! The story of a black police officer join the KKK sounds straight out of a Dave Chappelle sketch but is actually a true story.

Nicki Minaji's Revenge

You ever been just minding your own and then boom suddenly your social media has blown up because your ex is bombing on you? Me either but VH1's Love & Hip Hop's Safaree can't say the same. As he was one of the targets of Nicki Minaji letting the chopper sing on Twitter.

I found the particular spat interesting enough to turn into a Toon. I thought it was kind of ironic because she was going off on others for being on Love & Hip Hop but in her doing this on social media she basically was on Love and Hip Hop and we all were the viewers via our phones.

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