Monday, August 27, 2018

The Weekend Doubles Up On Trealness

The Certified Treal II Art Tour is in full motion. Over the weekend, the doubled up on Saturday.

Being with the Treal TOONZ being at The US Cannabis Conference and Expo. The 2 day event held at the Hyatt in Miami, it featured an incredible amount of information, products and more centered around the industry.

With all the dopeness around, the Trealness was at the Canna Headhunters Booth. 

Community Pop Up

But also happening Saturday was the Community Pop Up. We're JaFLEU was booked to live paint. Creating a new masterpiece before eyes while exhibiting his latest works in paintings and posters. 

Ganja Burns

The Tour doesn't here for the dates.

To Book JaFLEU email

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