Monday, September 24, 2018

Treal Toonz Keeps The Arts Beating in Lake Worth

During the Beating Arts Open Mic Variety Show, Treal Toonz LLC creator JaFLEU was booked to setup and do what he loves... Create as part of his Certified Treal I Art Tour.

Taking place in the legendary Lake Worth
dive bar, Propaganda. A building very familiar to JaFLEU's early career.

After setting up, and spending a little quality time with the beautiful moon. It was time to get busy!

There's nothing trealer than turning nothing into something before the eyes of the people.

"Feeling Myself"
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I truly appreciate the support, and thank my bro Jayme for having me.

Book JaFLEU:

New October/Nov dates TBA very soon. Stay tuned!!

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