Wednesday, October 24, 2018

JaFLEU Joins "Live Free Magazine"... Treal Toonz Greeting Cards... Art Tour Hits Jacksonville & More

Treal things are afoot!!!!!! We're excited to announce some news!!!!


Back in September, Live Free Magazine release an article featuring JaFLEU and his work (Read It Here). Work that had made such an impression on editor and chief, Jarvis R Hestor that he extended JaFLEU a staff opportunity to have a monthly two page spread of his Treal Toonz address Black Life and Culture.

Live Free Magazine has recently gotten a distribution deal that will see the physical magazine all over.

Needless to say, we're looking forward and honored!

Treal Toonz Greeting Cards!!!!!

Oh but there's more! Yes... Yes y'all!
Treal Toonz LLC "Greeting Cards".

Exclusively get the work of your favorite cartoonist on cards that you can send to your family and friends or even keep for yourself.

It'll be update constantly, and Holiday theme cards are on the way very soon!!!!

Stay Tuned!!!!

#PayItForwardArt Returns

Since 2013, JaFLEU has been known to do what he called "Pay It Forward Art" when he will randomly leave art around town with a message.

Sometimes originals... others posters... All on effort to spread love!

TrealTreal  Coming To Jacksonville!!

Saturday the Certified Treal Art Tour II hits Jacksonville, Fl. JaFLEU will be exhibiting and performing at PUSHA: King's Road Edition!.

Order your tickets today!!!

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