Thursday, October 11, 2018

New TREAL TOONZ: AmeriKKKa's Way

"I know that it's hard to believe that the people you look to for safety and security are the same people who are causing us so much harm. But I'm not lying and I'm not delusional. I am scared and I am hurting and we are dying. And I really, really need you to believe me."
- Ijeoma Oluo

Oil on Canvas
In having a conversation about America and it's "Troublesome" justice system. I was reminded of a large painting from back in 2015.

And was inspired to revisit it. At the time it was called "FuckUrBreath" because of statements police made while choking another black male to death.

Today it's called "AmeriKKKa's Way".

AmeriKKKa's Way
Acrylic on Paper

Addressing police brutality, and how officers seem more like Overseers and treat us as runaway slaves.

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