Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Treal Toonz: Live Art Leads To A Sweet Embrace... No KumbaYE... Quavo Responds... New Merch & More!

Treal Toonz LLC has been pretty busy. And we're excited about it all! From new art to merchandise!

Sweet Embrace (Live At Tropical Fest)

Over the weekend the Certified Treal Art Tour continued with creator, JaFLEU live painting at Tropical Fest. 


Where he created the painting "Sweet Embrace"

Sweet Embrace
Acrylic on canvas

Purchase The Original
Purchase $25 Posters

Order Here

New Toonz!!

"This Ain't KumbaYE!"

Hip Hop Giants React to Kanye West visit to the Oval Office

$25 Poster 

Huncho Dreams!

The Amigos member, Quavo released his solo project. And on track 3 "Huncho Dreams" he responds to not only Nicki Minaji's "Barbie Dreams" but spills some feelings on a secret relationship with the Queens MC.

$25 Poster 


Find a dope place to get lost in a good book!

$25 Poster 

 NEW Treal Toonz MERCH!!!

Products came in over the weekend for display of Treal Toonz merchandise. A goal is to open a Treal Toonz Studio/Shop. 

Checkout some of the stuff all of which is available to order here.

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