Monday, October 22, 2018

Treal Toonz: Pusha Gets Drake "Upset", TI's Not Kanye & More

It's Monday, hope y'all had a treal weekend and ready for this week! Here's your dose of Monday Treal Toonz, the black and white cartoons.

Pusha Spills Tea

Pusha T did a sitdown with The Joe Budden Podcast in response to Drake being on LeBron's HBO show "The Shop". Not only did Pusha drop some more background on the "ongoing beef" but he may of dropped a bombshell when he revealed the info about  Drake's child he release on "Story of Adion (sp) didn't come from Kanye but Drake's right hand man... 40.

T.I.'s Not Kanye

In a new video from T.I.'s latest album, Tip place President while having a Melania Trump lookalike strip for him while wearing the "I Don't Care" Coat. While her came is at an uproar, rightfully so. Even calling for a boycott it's ironic that the woman behind the "Be Best" campaign husband is calling a woman, Stormy Daniels "Horseface"

Teddy Elephante x Kristina Koalis Catch A Movie

On a much lighter note. Because the characters of Teddy Elephante and Kristina Koalis are counterparts of Treal Toonz creator JaFLEU. He decided to go down memory lane drawing the two kicking it watching a movie from the laptop like the good ole days.

All Toonz will be eventually colored but in the meantime enjoy. Posters available here.

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